Primary care thanks to a field hospital

L'infirmier Alpha devant la pharmacie

The field hospital was created in 2009 and nurse Alpha Mpele has been guaranteeing it’s health in Ibi Village ever since.

The field hospital depends on the reference hospital of Mbankana, which is located 20km away from Ibi. Alpha provides primary care to patients with common pathologies and forwards difficult cases to Mbankana.
In 2018, 380 patients were treated for the following conditions: malaria, typhoid, injuries and diseases caused by parasitic worms. A stock of medicines is available on site. Alpha is also responsible for the follow-up of the pregnancies. The proximity to a hospital ensures that young mothers can give birth safely. In 2018, 28 women gave birth, representing 80% of the births in Ibi.

The vaccination campaigns, which are organized in collaboration with the Mbankana reference center, are also provided by Alpha. In 2018, nearly 500 children received the necessary vaccinations.

Recently, the Friends of Ibi Village funded the renovation of the field hospital. The entire interior was refreshed and new equipment was purchased, as well as an engine that allows Alpha to move more quickly in urgent cases.