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Gi-Agro (Groupe d’Initiatives pour l’Agroforesterie en Afrique) was founded in the late 1990s by Olivier Mushiete. The idea behind it was to develop an area in such a way that everyone could make ends meet with agricultural and animal husbandry activities.

Since then, Gi-Agro’s project has grown immensely. The objective is still the economic development of the local population, but the emphasis is now on the respect for natural resources. To achieve this, experts from the Bateke plateau, residents, farmers, livestock keepers, but also young students in agronomy, agro-forestry, etc. are brought into contact with each other.

Today Jean Lejoly, Professor Emeritus of the ULB (Brussels), is the General Coordinator on site. He ensures a sustainable approach to rural development based on participation and responsibility with the aim of combining economic growth and social cohesion with environmental protection.

Jean Lejoly
Prof. Jean Lejoly

Each year, Professor Jean Lejoly welcomes students from both Congo and around the world, who come to study ecological agro-forestry practices that promote economic development. He also launches new projects with them with regards to food crops, moringa, beekeeping, etc.

In addition to managing and developing Ibi Village, Gi-Agro is also applying its expertise to promote agro-forestry and community forestry in the surrounding villages, especially in Maï Ndombe province, where significant financial resources are currently committed to similar projects.