The source of life – “Ibi”

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Ibi Village takes its name from the source “Ibi” that is present on the site. An important asset, as the proximity to water is an important factor in the development of a site.

Of course the water still needs to be transported to the residents and the various activities. The study, the realization of the upstream works of the source and the installation of the water distribution network were carried out in 2001/2003 by SHER (Société pour l’Hydraulique, l’Environnement et la Réhabilitation) thanks to funding from the Walloon Region.

The water supply worked reasonably well until the beginning of 2014, but after that the water supply was shut down for almost a full year, mainly because no one on site had the expertise to carry out a thorough repair. At the beginning of 2015, the Friends of Ibi Village (AIV) therefore decided to update the entire installation. The work was supervised by Olivier Brisbois, architect and friend of Ibi Village’s early days. In addition to a thorough repair of all water pipes, the capacity of the reservoirs was increased in several places.

The new installation worked properly until the pump broke down in 2019. Here, too, the AIV helped to acquire a new one. Unfortunately, the reserve pump is also due for renewal, but there is currently no money for a new one.

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