Friends of Ibi Village

The “Friends of Ibi Village” (Les Amis d’Ibi Village, abbreviated AIV) is a non-profit organization that unites people with an interest in Ibi Village. Their contributions can be of a financial, technical nature or just moral support.

Over the years, the AIV have raised money for the planting of trees and the realization of social projects (water supply, beekeeping, education, health care and carpentry).

But the association is also concerned with the following aspects:

  • the dissemination of all useful information about the Ibi Village project
  1. Ibi News (Click here to register)
  2. Facebook
  • The organization of events
  • Mobilization of members around specific actions or needs
  • Creating partnerships between Ibi Village and structures that have common goals
  • The growth of the membership base

Board of Directors :

  • Anneke Claes: Chairman
  • Françoise Byl: treasurer
  • Olivier Brisbois: director
  • Cédric Mushiete: director
  • Sébastien Cottriau: director

If you wish to become a member of the association, please contact the chairwoman Anneke Claes (

If you wish to make a donation click the button below