The Ibi Village concept was made possible thanks to the support of many organisations and partners:

  • Companies like Umicore or Engie supported the project from the start with an investment in the form of “carbon credits”
  • The Bio Carbon Fund and Orbeo helped in the international management of the carbon captured: afforestation and reforestation, reduction of related emissions deforestation, sustainable forest management and development of all innovative approaches.
  • Regions, ASBLs and private companies have also contributed to social development by focusing in particular on access to healthcare, access to water, education and communications essential to the success of projects (Walloon Region, Roche, ULB Cooperation, Orange).
  • Specialized organizations such as ULB Coopération and FIP (Forest Investment Program) have, through Gi-Agro, contributed their expertise in the field and ensure quality guidance and good management of development projects (agro-forestry, beekeeping, etc.).
  • Many individuals have contributed by putting their skills to work in the field: architects, managers, technicians, teachers, specialists in human resources and agronomy, but also simple donors of materials for dispensaries, books, teaching materials, or contributing by offering financial donations.

If you want to contribute in your own way don’t hesitate to donate here.