Plant a hectare of forest




Since 2008, more than 2,500 hectares of acacia trees have been planted. Those plantations are continuing thanks to a contract concluded with the F.I.P. (International Forestry Program) to plant acacias mangium. Agro-forestry plantations started back in 2017.

You can also help the forest grow by planting one hectare. To this end, an area of ​​25 hectares has been identified in the carbon sink. A subscription of 1500€ allows you to plant that hectare. In exchange for your contribution, you will receive a written commitment certified by GI Agro, the operator of the Ibi Village estate, that they will plant one hectare which will bear the name of the subscriber.

By planting one hectare of acacia, you can consider that your contribution will allow the annual sequestration of 35 tons of CO2 for 6 years and the production of 10 tons of cassava 18 months after planting.

The 25 ha plot is indicated in yellow. Click on the map to enlarge it